An Alma House: your Home, your Soul

I enjoy travelling. It is exciting to discover new places. Unknown countries, cultures and people never seen before have captured my imagination for most of my life.

Returning home is the other aspect of travelling that I love: coming back to a place with familiar objects, all special to me, all part of my life and my personal story.

Your home is the place where your soul can be.

Alma – soul – that is what home means to me

Returning to Monferrato means friends and familiar surroundings, local tradition, history, modern architecture, trees and flowers, my souvenirs, which remind me that I belong to a vast international community.

Home is a place that can be transformed from day to day, an expression of one’s soul and personality.

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I would like to help you find your place, your Alma House

surrounded by the culture and beauty of Italy and the warmth of its people, a place to which you can bring your own experiences, your history and your traditions.

Monferrato is the ideal location

I was born and brought up in Asti, the heart of Monferrato, and I have been familiar with every aspect of the local traditions since I was a young child playing in my Grandmother’s backyard. By profession I am an engineer and, for 15 years, was the director of research and development in large chemical companies. My international travel has been both for business and for pleasure. In 2012 I moved into my beautiful country house in Rocca d’Arazzo (Asti).

The region of Monferrato has so much to offer: nature, beautiful landscapes, vineyards that produce excellent wine, delicious culinary treats, art and culture, all within a distance of 80 kilometers.

Art & Culture

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Food & Wine

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Nature & Sport

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