Monferrato is a Region in the North-Western part of Italy

If you think about Monferrato you must think about beauty, calm, peace, friendship. Small villages, antique churches, old castles surrounded by miles and miles of vineyards changing colours in the various season of the year. It is history, art and beauty. But also, good food and superb wines. For these reasons in 2014 this major wine-producing area of Piedmont became a UNESCO World Heritage Site as “…an extraordinary, living testimony to the historical wine-growing tradition, of the wine-making processes, of a unique social and rural setting and of an economic fabric based on wine culture”.
The wonderful wine-producing landscapes of Monferrato areas are between Piedmont’s world-renowned crown jewels. Hills rolling as far as the eye can see, historical towns and castles perched on rocky hills, gentle slopes covered with vineyards tracing patterns of exquisite geometry.