Living here I have made friends and met people, people I can trust and rely on. I have put together a team of experienced professionals and artisans, who put their heart and soul into this project.

Remodeling an old country house is not always an easy task. It requires professional skills and deep knowledge of norms and laws to obtain the necessary permission from the local authorities. Maintaining the soft and authentic atmosphere using updated technologies is extremely important. The house will be your living space and we all need comfort in our life and holidays.

The natural beauty of Monferrato tradition must cope with safety, sustainability and modernity.

Retain the atmosphere of an old country house, but don’t forget modern comfort!

Local artisans help me in finding the right materials, from old wood to local stones.

I work with Construction Companies equipped with modern machinery and with technicians with long experience in this type of buildings.

Garden is essential for me and already in the project phase I care about it. I love to transform garden into a small piece of Eden with the help of skilled people and local plants and flowers.